BMW LMP1 Concept

Mid way through 2015 the rumours surrounding a top-level return to sportscar racing for BMW had gathered a fair bit of momentum and in response I started putting together a concept for a BMW lmp1 car. Then in July, BMW confirmed that they were not planning any such return in the imminenant future and progress on my idea halted!

BMW motorsport boss Jens Marquardt stated at the time that “the current setup (of WEC) does not fulfil our needed criteria”. The companies ‘i’ brand is a line up cromprised exclusively of all electric vehicles and the current hybrid setup of the WEC’s top class seems not to fill any motorport requirement not already provided by BMW’s efforts in series such as DTM and GT racing.

Several months later…   I came accross the part finished concept and decided it would be rude not to finish it!

So, here it is, my take on a BMW lmp1 car. It’s a damn shame we’ll have to wait at least a few years before there’s a chance we might see the real thing.


BMW lmp1 concept James Gibson Photography


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