Ferrari’s Touring F1 Show – Black and White

I won’t lie to you, sometimes black and white is a photo saver; rendering a picture that would’ve otherwise been rooted to the cutting room floor at least useable. It seemed this was the case for the photo above… Marc Gene donut-ing about as part of the ‘F1 show’ at Silverstone’s Ferrari Racing Days event. I was positioned on the pit wall with a wide lens on in the hope that donuts would occur at least two points on the start/finish straight, you know spread the donut love a bit…  It wasn’t to be and after economy pack of a donut or two later, several hundred metres away he was off and I was left with a tiny car lost in a wide shot that was no good to anybody.

So, revisiting this image set I set about producing some artistic black and white edits, and the donut picture was the first target… It took a while and what some people might view as an aggressive edit but the experiment ended up producing what I think is one of the best images from that weekend, it worked a dream. I’ve used a similar technique on the shots taken either side of the F1 show and again I think they’ve come out really well…  you can be the judge of that though! Enjoy.

IMG_5843-2 wm small


IMG_5923 wm small


IMG_5925 wm small


IMG_5927-2 wm small


IMG_5938-2 wm small


IMG_5940 wm small


IMG_5977-3 wm small


IMG_5995-6 wm small


IMG_5999 wm small


IMG_6007 wm small


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