#RacingArt – Porsche 917, 956 Edits

After a second run through my Goodwood Photos I started reworking a couple of the images taken as the classic Le Mans group rolled onto the Goodwood hill. Sat opposite the paddock exit, the cars lurked in the shadows of the nearby trees before passing into bright sunlight. The bright colours against the shadowed background just worked so well and with a bit more post processing they’ve become images I’m really pleased with.

I love this approach to automotive photography so #RacingArt will be on the rise with more of these type of images. Also search for the hastag on twitter to see a few more. (Twitter: @JGphotography5)


Goodwood FoS 2014 - #RacingArt 917

Goodwood FoS 2014 - #RacingArt 956

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