World Endurance Championship – Alternative Race Posters

As anyone that follows me on Twitter will know, I am a huge fan of the World Endurance Championship. Over recent years the series has blossomed into to something special and personally it is the very definition of what a great racing series should be; variety, technology, insane on-track battles, cars with mind-bending performance and above all else a sense that everyone involved in the sport is (for the moment, at least) pushing in the same direction for the benefit of both the sport and fans.

After shooting the first two rounds at Silverstone and Spa I made the annual trip to Le Mans to witness Porsche’s first overall victory in the great race since 1998. When I returned home I was inspired by old ‘result’ race posters that Porsche used to publish after victories in sportscar racing back in the 70’s and 80’s. Using a shot taken at the race I put together a poster for their latest victory but it wasn’t to stop there.

I do love a good old-fashioned race poster; some of them are complete works of art. Unfortunately modern versions often have to compromise a great deal of the creative style in order to give each sponsor their fair share of real estate. So, as each round of the WEC ticked round, the creative juices flowed and with the above in mind I tried to create alternate posters that concentrated on the artwork of piece, free from any sponsor logos.

I hope you like them so far… If you have a favourite, please let me know in the comments.


Porsche le mans poster iii website        WEC Nurburgring PART 3 wm website         WEC poster COTA 3 webite

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